Get ready for 2024 with 24 DeeJay Mixes!

Get ready for 2024 with 24 DeeJay Mixes! 2

Dear Organizers, Managers, Bookers, and Programmers in the event and festival industry,

Are you currently working on planning the lineup for your upcoming events, stages, or festivals? DeeJayBooking is here to assist you in managing bookings for renowned artists of your choice, catering to various music styles and budgets. As we approach the end of the 2023 season, we want to conclude it on a positive note with music. To kick off the anticipation for 2024, we've curated a page featuring recent videos of 24 live DJ mixes by headline house and techno producers.

This exclusive collection includes mixes from well-known artists :

  1. Claptone: Known for his enigmatic stage presence, Claptone is a German DJ and producer recognized for his deep house and tech house tracks.

  2. Cristina Lazic: Very talented musician, with a background in classic music and longstanding passion for electronic music!

  3. Darren Emerson: A British electronic music artist, Emerson is a former member of the influential electronic group Underworld. He has made a significant impact on the techno and house music scene.

  4. DJ Hell: Helmut Josef Geier, better known as DJ Hell, is a German techno DJ and producer. He's been a prominent figure in the techno and electro genres.

  5. DJ Pierre: A pioneer in the Chicago house music scene, DJ Pierre is credited as one of the creators of acid house. He's known for his influential contributions to electronic dance music.

  6. Felix da Housecat: An American DJ and record producer, Felix da Housecat is a key figure in the electronic music scene, particularly in the genres of house and electro.

  7. Fatima Hajji: Spanish by birth but with Arab origins, she s a confessed lover of nature and animals, as well as striking colours… and of course, she's in steadfast love of a fireproof music genre like Techno.

  8. Gene Farris: A Chicago-based DJ and producer, Gene Farris is renowned for his contributions to the house and techno music scenes.

  9. Ida Engberg: A Swedish techno DJ and producer, Ida Engberg has made a name for herself with her powerful and dynamic sets.

  10. Jay Lumen: Hailing from Hungary, Jay Lumen is a techno DJ and producer known for his energetic and melodic sound.

  11. Roger Sanchez: An American DJ and producer, Roger Sanchez is a Grammy-winning artist recognized for his contributions to house music.

  12. Josh Wink: A prominent figure in the acid house and techno genres, Josh Wink is an American DJ and producer.

  13. Juan Atkins: Considered one of the pioneers of techno music, Juan Atkins is an American DJ and producer who has played a crucial role in shaping electronic dance music.

  14. Joey Beltram: An American DJ and producer, Joey Beltram is known for his contributions to the techno and house genres.

  15. Kenny Dope: One half of the legendary duo Masters at Work, Kenny Dope is an influential figure in the world of house music.

  16. Kenny Larkin: A Detroit-based techno producer and DJ, Kenny Larkin is known for his innovative and soulful approach to electronic music.

  17. Kevin Saunderson: Another Detroit techno pioneer, Kevin Saunderson is part of the Belleville Three and has played a significant role in shaping the techno genre.

  18. Louie Vega: A Grammy-winning DJ and producer, Louie Vega is a key figure in the New York City house music scene.

  19. Mike Dunn: A Chicago house music legend, Mike Dunn has been a influential DJ and producer since the 1980s.

  20. Mark Knight: The founder of Toolroom Records, Mark Knight is a British DJ and producer specializing in house and tech house music.

  21. Pig&Dan: A techno duo consisting of Igor Tchkotoua and Dan Duncan, Pig&Dan have made a mark with their energetic and driving techno sound.

  22. Sam Divine: A British DJ and house music artist, Sam Divine is known for her soulful and uplifting sets.

  23. Thomas Schumacher: The Berlin-based DJ and producer makes light of his status as one of the most enduring, versatile artists in electronic music

  24. Todd Terry: An American DJ and producer, Todd Terry is a key figure in the development of house music, particularly in the genres of house and techno.

These DJs collectively represent a diverse range of styles within the electronic music landscape, and their live mixes are likely to showcase the richness and variety of electronic dance music.

Visit the page, enjoy the music, and get a preview of what's in store for the upcoming season. Feel free to turn up the volume and immerse yourself in the beats!

Wishing you a joyful holiday season,

The DeeJayBooking Team