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Have you attended all the parties and music events in your city this year? Do you carry a list of best venues in your area in your pocket? Are you a good talker and passionate about music and live events? Then we have no doubt that you would do a great job at DeejayBooking.com

What do we expect?
We are looking for an active person who can talk, hear and most importantly listen. Because we do not only want to communicate all aspects of our services but also exceed client's expectations. Excellent verbal and written communication skills are necessary since you will be managing the relationships with a set of prospects and clients.


Are you a melo(wo)man, music fanatic, passionate about a specific, or various musical styles, created by and for deejays. Do you spend most of your time looking for new producers and sounds? Do you have a nose for discovering natural born talents? Have you ever been dreaming about making this a way of living? Join our DeejayBooking team.

What do we expect?
We don’t believe in 9 to 5. We don’t believe in procrastination. We believe in results. So if you are capable of managing your own time and you are pro-active, then you would definitely fit our team! We are expecting you to dig deep and discover the best talents, which would be presented to our wide community of promoters, clubs, festivals and private event organizers.

Are you creative with words, eat, sleep, dream music and want to inform others about what we do. Write about what’s hip, hot and happening in the scene?
We’re looking for people who can do interviews with our artists and/or create content for social media posts, newsletters, website or want to start a blog for us.

What do we expect?

Ambassadors, who’ll spread the word by writing strong content. Or provide catchy phrases for our social media channels. People with a bit of humor, all ages, all genders, all nationalities (preferably good in English, but also other languages are appreciated: Spanish, French, German, Arab, Italian, …) We’re looking for people around the Globe ;-) Drop us a line!


The successful candidate will have strong digital hard skills (Wordpress, SEA, SEO, Mailchimp, Hubspot,...), excellent communication skills (both writing & speaking) and an entrepreneur mindset, dynamic, autonomous and strategic.

What do we expect?

As Digital Marketing Manager, you'll be improving, managing & implementing digital strategies. You will act as a project manager & collaborate with stakeholders in order to deliver projects.

Your main responsibilities will include : Managing projects, traffic & quality of all digital content  / Always improving strategy by measuring performance & costs, / Managing budget and goals in line with the company's strategy / Planning, designing & managing integrated campaigns / Leading paid advertisement campaigns / Collaborating with design team in order to produce exciting visuals content (video, guides, ...)/ Implementing & managing lead nurturing flows / Attending & hosting events for driving customer engagement / Creating inspiring texts for customers in order to highlight company's products / Writing newsletters / creating Landing pages and forms / Making reports

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