DJB Light

What is DeeJayBooking Light? 

Times are changing...
Our market has changed and also the needs from our clients. We value all our clients, big and small. So we want to add a new service: DeeJayBooking Light.

DJB Light wants to provide in the request of new upcoming talents for smaller (private) parties and venues.
Whether you want to organize an exclusive small private party or just starting a new business with a smaller budget, or just want to organize a fun night with a professional dj and no namedropping. Then DJB light might be for you!

- Promote new upcoming (inter)national talents.
- Organize a private party: Invite your favorite dj - exclusively for you and your friends?
- Company event where you want a professional dj, who really can get the party going.
- You want to organize a monthly showcase/workshop or event and want a kick-ass line-up
- Think about an Afterparty for a business event, exclusively for a select group of people. 

Of course we still offer our bigger showcases of international dj's, but we also want to help new talents find their way. There are many many great talents out there, who more than proven themselves in the past decades and deserve to be back in the limelight or talents who are locally wellknown and deserve a bigger stage.
We can advice you to find the right match for you. Just contact us. 

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