Our agents will help you find the right talent and/or manage the complete booking process for your event.

Deejaybooking.com not only provide services for DeeJays but also make sure we are meeting all the promoters' needs. Administrative support, negotiating the contract conditions and closing agreements has been our daily work for nearly 25 years.    We believe that human interaction is the key point here. Our agents, having worldwide experience, in addition to securing artist’s performances, will co-ordinate transport, accommodation and make sure that the artist’s technical riders are arranged.                  We put all the effort to make the event meet your musical vision by working with some of the most experienced professional deejays in the business.

Do you need marketing support and help selling your event tickets? At DeeJayBooking we have different in-house consultants and managers who are happy to assist you with your social media, graphic & web design, public relations, advertising, ticket sales and brand management. 

If you are interested in working with us or just want some extra information, please use our contact form and we will make sure you get your answer in next 24h.

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