LENNY FONTANA has returned to his Disco Roots

LENNY FONTANA has returned to his Disco Roots 1

Lenny is working with Hitmaker Vocalist Chris Willis on a collaboration called “Top Of the World” which should hit by fall of 2018. Lenny has returned to his Disco Roots producing some serious tracks for the UK and Europe watch for this.
Lenny has a weekly syndicated radio show called "The Karmic Power Records Radio Show” which is broadcasted around the world on stations such as Kiss Fm (Au), Radio Italia Network, Funky SX, Select Radio, Ibiza Live Radio, and more.
He is also in the middle of producing a series of radio shows called “History of House” which also will be announced soon. So there is a lot in the works coming from Mr. Lenny Fontana.

Lenny Fontana is back with the hottest tune in  2014 on Karmic Power Records. "I Don't Want You Back" features the fiery yet sultry vocals of Keva the Diva (Keva Singletary Youngblood) who has been tearing up stages and microphones for years. Originally from Springfield Gardens, New York, Keva the Diva began her love of music with classical piano. While attending the famed High School of Performing Arts in NY, it was then that Keva began exploring her ability to sing and write. Countless cd's, dvd's, television performances, live performances, voice-overs and studio sessions later, Keva is still wowing audiences with her unique vocal style and distinctive sound. Recently Keva the Diva teamed up with power house DJ Lenny Fontana. Their first release 'Everybody Put Your Hands Up' hit the dance charts with a vengeance. Their latest release 'I Dont Want You Back' is  a future classic features dancefloor devastating remixes from Funkerman, Richard Gray, Marcus Knight and Daniele Sexxx.

Lenny's start in production and remixing started with him editing mixes on an open reel to reel tape machine. This then progressed into making special extended edit mixes of popular dance records of the time. He felt he needed to progress in getting into production work so it started with programming drum beats to writing songs on a Atari 1040 STE computer and a sampler. As he was starting to be recognized (more as a producer re-mixer) worldwide from the records being produced and mixing in all the big studios (in New York and England) it pushed him into owning his own SSL Console. In doing so his dream became a reality and Lenny Fontana’s studio opened in 2000.


  • #4 on the UK Music Week Club Chart with "When You Feel What Love Has" in 2017 NY Yankee & Mets stadium rotation with "When You Feel What Love Has" in 2017 #3 on the UK Music Week Club Chart with "Raise Your Hands" in 2015
  • BBC 6 reportage "A Tribute To Larry Levan" on BBC 6 in 2014 over 1 500 000 views on Youtube wit "Nite Time" in 2010 Germany's Next Top Model TV Show used "Wait 4 U" in 2008 #1 dance hit in the US with "What You Need" in 2000
  • #13 on the UK Singles Chart with "What You Need" in 2000 Powerhouse feat. Duane Harden on TV Top of the Pops in 2000 #39 on the UK Singles Chart with "Chocolate Sensation" in 1999
  • #30 on the US Billboard Hot Dance Club Chart in 1996 with "A Mystical Journey"

Singles (selection)

Year                   Title                                                      Label
2019    Lenny Fontana & DJ Alexia - Love Disco    Karmic Power Records
2018    Lenny Fontana & Shirley Lites - Fire (Dr Packer Remixes)    Midnight Riot Records / Karmic Power Records
2018    Lenny Fontana & Shirley Lites - Fire    Karmic Power Records
2018    Lenny Fontana & Alison Limerick - Bye Bye    Karmic Power Records
2017    Reuben Keeney & Lenny Fontana - Larry    Freakin909
2016    Lenny Fontana Pres. The Starletts - On His Mind    Karmic Power Records
2016    Lenny Fontana feat. D-Train - When You Feel What Love Has    Karmic Power Records
2016    Lenny Fontana feat. Karla Brown - I´m Gonna Get You    Karmic Power Records
2015    Lenny Fontana - Twilight    Soulful Legends
2015    Lenny Fontana - Bump    Good For You Records
2015    Lenny Fontana feat. Tommy Rando - Hope For The World    Karmic Power Records
2015    Lenny Fontana feat. Paula P´Cay - On My Own    Karmic Power Records
2015    Lenny Fontana feat. D-Train - Raise Your Hands    Karmic Power Records // RFC Records
2015    Lenny Fontana - Chocolate Sensation    CR2 // Karmic Power Records
2015    Lenny Fontana - I Get A Good Feeling    Karmic Power Records
2014    Lenny Fontana & Marcus Knight feat. Carole Syvlan - I´m So High    Karmic Power Records
2014    Lenny Fontana - Feel It    Karmic Power Records
2014    Lenny Fontana & Lorenzo Perrotta - You Got The Feeling    Karmic Power Records
2014    Lenny Fontana - Believe    Nervous Records // Karmic Power Records
2014    Lenny Fontana - Wickey    Karmic Power Records
2014    Lenny Fontana - Oh Baby Baby    Karmic Power Records
2014    Lenny Fontana feat. Keva The Diva - I Don´t Want You Back    Vamos Music // Karmic Power Records
2014    Lenny Fontana - We The People    Karmic Power Records
2013    Lenny Fontana - Everybody Put Your Hands Up    Karmic Power Records
2013    Lenny Fontana pres. Dee Wiz & Universal Sounds Band - Music Makes You Wanna    Karmic Power Records
2011    Lenny Fontana & D Train - Invincible    Caus-N-ff-ct
2010    Lenny Fontana & Revi - Gone    Caus-N-ff-ct
2009    Jean Claude Ades vs. Lenny Fontana feat. Tyra - Nite Time    Swing/Kontor Rec./CR2
2009    James Talk & Ridney feat. Lenny Fontana & Jason Walker - What You Need    CR2
2008    Lenny Fontana & Ridney pres. Larisa -Wait 4 U    Ministry of Sound/Hard2Beat Records/Net's Work International
2005    Lenny Fontana pres. Octahvia - The Way    Defected
2005    Lenny Fontana Presents Byron Stingily - I'll Give You    Odyssey Records
2001    Lenny Fontana feat. Darryl D'Bonneau - Pow Pow Pow    Strictly Rhythm
1999    Powerhouse feat. Duane Harden – What You Need    Strictly Rhythm
1999    Lenny Fontana & DJ Shorty - Chocolate Sensation    FFRR
1999    Lenny Fontana Presents The Exclusive Club Feat. Freddy Turner - Thinkin' About Your Love    Distance
1999    Lenny Fontana Presents Black Sun - Spread Love    Estereo
1998    Lenny Fontana pres. Lifeline - Stompin In America    Azuli Records
1998    Lenny Fontana pres. Black Sun – Spread Love    Estereo
1997    Lenny Fontana Presents Harvest - Spirit Of The Sun    Public Demand
1997    Lenny Fontana Presents The East Side Movement - Inner City    Nite Grooves
1996    Lenny Fontana pres. Carole Sylvan - Everything You Do    Kult
1996    Lenny Fontana Presents The Fontana Sextet Featuring Angee Blake - Reach For The Sky    Centrestage Records
1993    Lenny Fontana - A Day In May    50/50 Records

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