Stacy Kidd's 'Nightlife' Hits The Charts

The House 4 Life Records man produced and released a new album that was #1 for over a month on Traxsource.

17 Jul 15:41

Nicola Fasano Releases Special Latin House Track

The award-winning DJ makes a house track using trendy latin music samples.

17 Jul 13:06

Joey Beltram at Street Rave Glasgow

Joey Beltram will be available for other gigs in the last two weeks of July and a few dates in December.

16 Jul 12:50

Vhyce at Rockerill

Belgian DJ performing at Rockerill Productions cultural center in Charleroi on 25 July.

16 Jul 12:21

Chicago House DJ Showcases Disco House Mix

DJ Tyree Cooper of the house, hip house, and R&B revolution impresses audiences once again with his unique take on creating a disco mix.

15 Jul 14:52

Roberto Rodriguez On A Releasing Roll

Young EDM DJ is exciting fans with two singles released in a span of a month. The singles are the kind of hits that give raves the party reputation they have.

11 Jul 16:03

New to the Team: Le Twins

Deejay Booking is proud to announce the joining of Le Twins, an impeccable DJ-composer-singer duo that are the faces of the new generation of electronic music.

09 Jul 15:53

Felix Da Housecat at Bal Der Zomer

Local Belgian city council celebrates region by headlining a classic American DJ on 7 August.

27 Jun 01:34

Junior Jack at Fonnefeesten

What could be better than a free nine day music festival with wonderful artists? Nothing, really - Fonnefeesten 2019 at Lokeren, Belgium is the ultimate.

27 Jun 01:34

Felix Da Housecat at Lokerse Feesten

Lokerse Feesten music festival in Belgium takes place 2 to 11 August. Felix Da Housecat is performing in the Red Bull Music Room on 3 August.

27 Jun 01:33

DJ Maseo at Park Lisbon's 6th Anniversary

Hip-hop DJ Maseo is doing a set on 1 July at bar Park Lisbon in Portugal. It'll be an evening of non-stop hip-hop featuring other guest artists.

26 Jun 21:48

Beachland - Be Rave 7 July: Marika Rossa

Sunday 7/07/2019

24 Jun 23:15