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Woody McBride

American elektro-shaman, Woody McBride, aka DJ ESP, rocks the world with his unique style of tribal techno, acid house, breakbeats, elektro, ambidelics, hardtek and authentic minimal techno. With releases and remixes on Dave Clarke’s White Noise, Josh Wink’s Ovum, Eric Powell’s Bush, Fat Boy Slim’s Skint, Novamute, Acid Tracks, Drop Bass Network and dozens of other labels there are just a handful of stateside producer/DJs so prolific. His own label Communiquecontinues to promote the underground sound and push it into the future.

Either LIVE PA or Vinyl DJ sets, ESP always delivers hard psychedelic tribal dance music in a way that only he does. “I get up there and play like I am playing at Mayday, Nature One or Further… In 1988 I saw Metallica in my small home town of Bismarck, ND and for the 100 of us that were there, they played like there were 50,000 screaming fans… I learned my lesson that night… give it your all every time…

ESP has flown over 7 million miles worldwide performing at some of the best and worst events the techno scene has ever known. “I love this life… I love the music I play… I love the people I get to party with!” His 1000’s of gigs include Mayday, Nature One, Dragon Ball, Elektromind, Rex Club, Orbit, Further, Acid Wars, Church, Eurobeat 2000, Big One, Underground Sound, Monox, Ultraschall, Tresor, Cubik, Summer Set, Bassgasm, Terriakianarkisaki and many more…

He plays weekly on several international radio stations and works tirelessly to create new music for the galactic consciousness.

Express yourself and explore yourself with the inner shamen in us all. Do it all naturally without the use of addictive drugs and food. Be stronger than the forces in the world the want to enslave you.


• ESP co-headlines the Detroit Electronic Music Festival opening for Plasticman live.

• He will release a new mix-album of orginal tracks on BUSH Records.

• The fabled BASKETBALL HEROES 3 will be releases under joint release between BUSH and Communique Records last quarter of 2010 in conjunction with a remix package of BASKETBALL HEROES 1 & 2.

• His live PA and DJ performance at the legendary Mayday Festival Germany, Nature One, Underground Sound, Rex Club and countless other events were spectacular

• His foundational American Techno Record Label Communiqué Records is a featured label on Beatport.com

• He is booked weekly around the planet and produced pioneering and futuristic dance mix shows for DI.FM, Paris One and America's premier alt-public radio station - 89.3 FM The Current FM.

• His releases on Dave Clarke's label WHITE NOISE, Josh Wink's label OVUM, Fatboy Slim's label SKINT, Eric Powell's label BUSH and many others have yielded the world 100's of amazing songs and memories.

Raised in the rugged and interesting North Dakota, ESP has rung up over 4 million frequent flyer miles, released nearly 200 records and CDs and inspired many people to love music, get back to nature and “be alive”.

He is known to be a man of all hats in the electronic music business - musician, dj, live performer, event promoter, live audio engineer and large sound system visionary, graphic artist, music journalist, label owner, artist coach, soundtrack producer, educator, spiritual guide, sobriety and wellness advocate and ambassador for electronic music to all audiences.

Since 1990, his signature deeper than deep 909 kick drum, a base chakra synth funk and a thick mysterious 303 acid sound is what has put ESP in a hard-to-label league of legendary and pioneering producers. His art now shines the brightest today.

His peers and label mates are Richie Hawtin, Dave Clarke, Diego Ro-k, St. Vitas, Iffy, Josh Wink, John Acquaviva, Thomas P. Heckman, DJ Hell, Barada, Eric Powell, Dave The Drummer, Jeff Mills, The Advent, Laurent Garnier, Frankie Bones, Terry Mullan, DJ Hyperactive, St. Vitas, Dave Wesley, Paul Birken, D'jedi, Dean Rodell, Man at Arms, Tommy Sunshine, Joyride, Jethro X and many others…

He has performed at the world's best festivals and clubs to include Rexclub, Tresor, Retroacid, Fuse, Terriakianarkisaki, Nordic Impact, Mayday, Electromind, Namasté, Nature One, Further, Government Toronto, Orbit UK, Ministry of Sound UK, Liquid Room, Buzz DC, Ultraschaal, Acid Wars and other large and underground gatherings.

He has successfully operated 10 labels and worked with many of the world's great record companies. Woody has recorded many cinematic and commercial soundtracks, children's programs, meditation audio, addiction prevention music and was honored to score a campaign song for Independent Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader.




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