Silicone soul

Silicone soul

Electronic music pioneers, Silicone Soul, are one of underground house music’s most enduring and respected acts ever since they emerged on Soma Records. 

2022 has been another busy one for Craig Morrison, who now DJs as Silicone Soul, with intensive touring in Spain, Portugal, the UK, Germany and Colombia and new residencies announced in Glasgow and Bali. 

Label-wise, their influential independent label Darkroom Dubs prepares for its forthcoming 20th anniversary. With deadly dispatches recently from Local Suicide, Alejandro Paz, Undo, Alvaro Cabana & Fargo Devianti, Günce Aci and Amount. Also, they’ve  returned to their longstanding Darkroom Dubs label mix series with a smouldering fifth edition, 'Darkroom Dubs Vol. V - Compiled & Mixed by Silicone Soul'.

Production-wise, they've just dropped a massive remix of Local Suicide & Theus Mago's Jam Bounce Release.

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