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Achieving and maintaining a consistently high level of success within underground electronic music is an impressive feat. In fact, it’s rare to find an artist who has managed to stay relevant as so many trends rapidly come and go in this scene. Re.You, Marius Maier, is one such artist, a producer and DJ who has transcended what’s ‘hot’ to carve out his own pathway, picking up a dedicated fanbase and worldwide bookings in the process. As well as being a renowned producer since 2009, Maier also runs his own label, Younion, to support music made by his talented circle of producer friends. With a career spanning over a decade, Re.You’s passion for his craft remains at an all-time high and he is poised to embark on the next exciting chapter of his life’s work…

As a teenager in Ulm, a small town in southern Germany, Marius first began to appreciate the power of rhythmic vibration through a love of DJ Premier’s mystical, jazzy creations. Around this time a few of his friends got into turntablism but after winning the German Youth Championship in basketball, Marius had other things on his mind and pursued his dream of becoming the next Michael Jordan. Sadly, a brutal knee injury ended any chance of achieving his ‘hoop dreams’ but during his recovery Marius found he had a lot of spare time on his hands and began to teach himself production.

Initially he joined forces with his two older brothers, forming a live electronic music trio called Santé. It was an important period of his musical life, a formative, fertile time when the foundations of his current standing were laid down. Tensions between the brothers led to the demise of their project, with Philipp carrying on with Santé as a solo project, but Marius is grateful for the experience - in the fallout from their split Re.You was born and so began a new adventure.

Re.You came into being in 2009, and it wasn’t long before his talents caught the ears of the Keinemusik crew. He developed a productive live partnership with Keinemusik boss Rampa called ‘RAR’. The duo released ‘Work’ on Keinemusik in 2010, followed by releases on Gigolo Records, Cocoon and Rebirth. 

Meanwhile Re.You had his first solo release with Souvenir Music, the label run by his friends Tiefschwarz, in 2010.Through this early work he quickly established himself as an accomplished producer, able to transmit emotion through his deft compositions while also keeping the dance floor buoyant and energised. This nifty balance won him fans around the world and he began to tour Europe, also relocating to Berlin where he became entrenched in the city’s diverse and fertile scene.

A prolific producer, Re.You is driven by the positive energy he gets from being in the studio. Music is his lifeblood and the source of much fun, just like his days on the basketball court. In Berlin he connected with Anja Schneider’s legendary mobilee label, dropping his first release with the outfit in 2012. Since then he has produced four more EPs for the influential label, each one receiving widespread praise. Soon after, Re.You also formed a strong bond with Mathias Tanzmann's Moon Harbour label, producing four EPs for them since 2014 including ‘Don’t Stop’ and ‘Very Very Dry’. He has also been welcomed into the fold at the mighty Kompakt, releasing a stunning two-track EP featuring singles ‘Robot’ and ‘Fantasy’. Somehow he also found time to work with infamous British group the Stereo MCs, producing three EPs for their Connected label and Marius has also dedicated time to producing a long list of remixes for artists ranging from Andhim, Magit Cacoon, and M.A.N.D.Y to Matthias Tanzmann, Butch, Ninetoes, Terranova, Rodriguez Jr. and Anja Schneider. Not forgetting a very special edit of Lana Del Rey’s ‘Video Games’ in 2012.

Fueled by his deep love for electronic music in all its forms, Re.You launched his own platform, Younion, in 2016. Named after a series of parties he curated, where he would invite friends to come and spin with him, the label represents those nights in a more tangible form, with each release bringing in a new artist and breathing new life into the label, which has no genre restrictions. Each EP features music by Re.You himself along with two tracks from accompanying artists, including productions from Terranova, Tiefschwarz, Ruede Hagelstein and Dino Lenny. The next step is to begin releasing EPs that focus on music from just one act, taking the label in a new direction.

When he’s not in the studio he’s on the road most weekends touring around Europe and the rest of the world. He has played at an exhaustive list of the world’s most influential clubs, from Miami to London, Madrid and everywhere in between including most of the best-known spots in Berlin. Re.You’s ability to diversify and spin music that keeps the dance floor full of energy, means he has had a consistent touring schedule for almost 9 years. Feeling as though he is in a good place with everything, Marius has created space to start work on his debut album, taking his production to a new level and getting his teeth into a challenging large-scale project.

The as yet unnamed LP is the culmination of over a decade’s worth of experience, from hours and hours spent in the studio, to thousands of miles on the road and all of his interactions with fellow music producers, his peers and mentors. After several successful years in Berlin, he moved to Paris in 2017 and found himself full of new ideas - inspired by the city and its creative energy. This was the catalyst behind his album, which will be a delicate balance of dance floor-ready material and music that is made for the purpose of home listening. A tried and tested formula but one which Re.You is bound to imbue with his own unique sound, as always.

So, as he steps into a new phase of his career, Re.You maintains the ethos that has made him one of the most consistent artists of his generation; balance, diversity, fun and great energy. It’s a winning combination that will keep him spinning around the world for many years to come…

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