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Be ready to drift away with the music. Be ready to leave the here and now behind and surrender yourself to her unconventional and progressive tracks. Marusha cannot be connected to just one specific music style. The successful DJ likes stepping out of line and she delights the audience with her chameleon-like changeability. As a musician who has been travelling the whole world for almost three decades, she particularly likes to observe. The essence of her impressions flow subtly into her music which makes her unique. This may be one of the reasons why this experimental artist is so versatile and why  she has established a permanent place in the international music scene. This is also confirmed by the number of prestigious music awards she received over the years. Marusha defines herself, above all, with her love to music. And that for 30 years. She started as an owner of a techno club, which she opened with a good friend in Nuremberg in the late 80’s. In the early 90’s she started an unprecedented, 17 year long career as a radio host with her radio program “Rave Satellite”. At first at DT 64, which was a youth radio station of the former GDR, later at the DT 64’s successor called Rock Radio B, and last but not least at Radio Fritz. Simultaneously, she also hosted the TV show “Feuerreiter” from 1993 to 1996, which was produced by her and Ulrike Licht. This was the first youth lifestyle show which was broadcasted by ORB and subsequently by ARD.

Inspired by her creative work, she finally started producing her own tracks, which she later played in over 54 countries during her live DJ sets. And a short time later, she inspired and influenced a whole generation as a techno DJ. Wordwide. She achieved a huge breakthrough with the 4th single release „Somewhere over the rainbow“ and this track became a worldwide hit.

Since then, Marusha has produced 7 studio albums and is currently working on her 8th, which will be released in 2018. Although the name of the album might suggest otherwise, “Rave Satellite” will be a Breakbeat/Drum&Bass journey through Marusha’s musical universe.

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