Farley Jackmaster Funk

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Farley Jackmaster Funk

As nicknamed the true King of House Music, Farley Jackmaster Funk is one of the first to record a house. This seminal Chicago DJ and producer covered Isaac Hayes "Love Can not Turn Around" with whom he made the Top Ten in mid-1986 - ironically, not in his home country but in the UK - at the same time he was one of the biggest names in Chicago house.

Born in 1962, Farley started DJing while still a teenager. He first made his name in 1981, broadcasting on Chicago's WBMX-FM with Ralphi "The Razz" Rosario, Kenny "Jammin" Jason, Mickey "Mixin" Oliver and Scott "Smokin" Sils as the Hot Mix 5 - the legendary DJ team which broke house for a wider Chicago audience. Farley also appeared at the legendary Warehouse club (mixing alongside Frankie Knuckles) and then started a residency at the Playground (later the Candy Store) which is set in stone as one of the city's top DJs.

Known as Farley Keith or Farley Funkin 'Keith up to that point, he started recording in 1984 with the single Jack the Bass, which inaugurated the highly popular jacking craze at Chicago house. After two more singles ("Funkin" with Drums Again, "Give Yourself to Me") for Trax Records, he re-christened himself Farley Jackmaster Funk and released "Love Can not Turn Around," with vocals by Darryl Pandy (often mistaken for Farley on the accompanying video). The single hit the number nine spot on the British pop charts and stunned hundreds of Chicagoans, who had no idea that their records were becoming popular across the ocean.

"Love Can not Turn Around" was not followed by any other big international hits - "As always" made a UK entry letter in 1989, while "It's You" was a local club draw - and by the late '80s, he had lost his DJ residency as well. Fortunately, Farley is a bit more lucrative sport - the global DJ circuit, where the prospects of hearing are from American to thousands of club-goers. 

He also recorded new material on Terry Hunter label T's Box, "I Am A House Head" which gained international exposure and was used in the digital promotional world. Once again Farley Jackmaster Funk is currently hard at work with his five-oh (50th) birthday party, and hosting event in Chicago.


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