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A website sometimes is not only a trademark of professionalism, but also a representation of oneself. For artists, deejays and music producers it is also bridge that channels the connection to their audience / fan base and most importantly, to the promoters.

We have a small team serving for only that purpose. Let us know what you want from a website, and what you want to present to the world and we will help you define and shape your image on the web.

Through the support of our team, you will eventually generate more leads.

With that goal in mind, our project manager will run you through a variety of best practices to guide you through the creation and marketing process of your new web site:

Design & Content

  • Determine together with our project manager which menu’s and landing pages you would like to see on your website. Which pictures and images to use, where to show your logo and how to best highlight your past and upcoming events, releases and deejay mixes.
  • Our team can help you to organise a photoshoot and hire a professional designer and copywriter in case your assets are not up to professional standards, or simply outdated. 
  • Fill your site with content that is valuable to your target audience, optimized with relevant keywords. Some great video footage well positioned in the website is also very recommended to showcase you talents and references. 
  • We also suggest adding a blog to your site, posting regular updates. Fresh content creates more awareness for your your site more and informs search engines that you’re active online, which is good for search rankings.
  • Our website template allow for Soundcloud players, Facebook Event calendar and Spotify or Beatport to be embedded and automatically synchronize you latest tour schedule and music relaeses.

Data Tracking

  • Once your domain name is linked to your new website our Digital manager will install the Data Tracking
  • Link your Google Analytics page through Google Tag manager and configure your conversion settings.
  • Connect google Analytics with Google Adds and install the Facebook Pixel in order to track the conversion of your Facebook posts (organic and advertising.

Playbook for Social media content

  • Once the Data Tracking has been sorted, our digital marketing manager will contact you to offer you to draw up a playbook and design a strategy for a social media campaign to promote your website and it's content. Our digital marketeers can be hired for both, long and short terms assignments. To get the best posible results it is recommended to make available a monthly budget over a duration of 6 months to a year 

Our Digital manager will then assist you with;

  • Defining key metrics in which success is measured (such as reach, frequency of reach or engagement rates:
  • Selecting and managing social media channels and accounts on which the content will appear.
  • Developing relevant content that matches your specific brand. 
  • Target your campaigns to the the right groups, event managers, promoters, festivals, clubs.

To apply for this service and to find out more about the conditions for each of these  service segments, contact us !

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