Personalized Artist Page

1.       What is a personalized artist page?

Personalized artist page is the profile of a music producer, DJ, artist when he/she becomes a member of the DeeJay Booking platform. When you purchase our personalized artist page service, DeeJay Booking will create your profile in the artist section of our platform. Your profile will include your biography, pictures, releases, musical style, presentation video, audioplayer and social media links.

2.       Why do you need an artist page?

By having an artist page, you have established yourself as a professional artist among others in our platform. This will also enhance your profile visibility. Our promoters normally take a look at the artist catalogue to select their desired artist, in our search engine, which means that if you become a member to our platform, your profile will be visible to promoters.

Moreover, by creating your artist page on DeeJay Booking, you have acquired the following benefits

  • INBOUND Booking management: You are entitled, but not obliged, to add our general contact as your Agency contact on your social media pages and website. Our representatives will then handle any incoming requests on your behalf and take care of any administration, contracting, invoicing and all type of deal negotiations, logistics handling and more to make sure that your bookings are managed and administrated in the most professional way possible.
  • Social media marketing: Our team will write a blogpost to announce that you have joined the platform, linking the blog post content to your EPK / artist page. The blogpost will be posted in our news section and shared on our social media platforms. You may want to speak to our Digital Marketing team first and opt to invest an additional budget to boost your post in order to reach a wider audience of promoters.
  • Newsletter Campaign: You can ask our Marketing Team to include your Blogpost in one of our upcoming marketing newsletters. They will be happy to discuss the options with you and inform you about the conditions and timeline for scheduling the mail out for you.

3.       Why do you have to pay for an artist page?

Some similar platforms enable you to create your profiles without any costs and that’s it. Some might require you to pay for some subscription fees in order to use some of the features in the platform. What sets DeeJay Booking different from the others is how we handle all the profiles afterwards. Our core mission is to actively assist artists to build their own network and reach more event organizers/venues. Once you have become a member to DeeJay Booking, it means you have become a family member to us and it is our duty to consult, guide and assist you in your career activities.

The DeeJay Booking family consists of professionel service providers in each segment of the DJ and music business.

Once you have signed up for our basic membership, by setting up your artist page (EPK), you can also speak to our marketing team to design your overall marketing strategy and apply for a personal agent to handle your booking management.

Of course, each additional service could not be done without a small budget to it.

4.       How do i join the platform  ?

To become a member of our platform and to apply for our services you can fill out our request form here

Please allow a couple of days for our team to analyse your profile and get back to you.