Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Manager

Digitalization is changing the world’s marketing trends and consumer behavior. It’s no wonder why digital marketing is a top business strategy nowadays. Not only is it affordable, but it is also efficient at targeting the right customer segment. In fact, 80% of customers rely on online research before making purchasing decisions.

Moreover, content marketing, social media marketing, branding & website are among the most prioritized marketing strategies for B2B companies. The music industry is no exception. As a matter of facts, digitalization shapes the way audiences are consuming music nowadays: music is getting more digital and less physical, and many artists nowadays rose to fame thanks to social media strategies.

DeeJay Booking envisions effective marketing strategies help artists reach their audiences and more importantly, promoters and event organizers.

What do we offer?

DeeJay Booking is a marketing platform specializing in electronic music. We have our own expert team who is in charge of providing leading advice and supervision for our artists at all musical backgrounds. Our digital marketing strategies include:

·       Branding

·       Graphic Design

·       Inbound marketing

·       Social media marketing

·       Website development

·       Copywriting

·       Email marketing

·       Content creation

·       Marketing consulting

Each artist might require different strategies, let us know more about you so we can give out the best tactics for your career.

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