Booking Management

Booking Management

DeeJay Booking platform is a big family with hundreds of artists and the number is ever-growing, year by year. Artists are categorized by music style and promoters consult our artist list and related search engine to look for and book their desired artist. If you catch the eyes of the promoters, then it is DeeJay Booking's duty to take care of the rest. 

We will reply your incoming booking requests and handle the entire booking procedure from the initial deal negotiation onwards. We'll manage the administration process for you, issuing contracts and invoices, collecting your fees and handling the advancing process, travel logistics and guarantee your hospitality and technical rider arrangements are being fulfilled by the promoter.

All this helps you save a lot of time. 

The Booking Management service applies to all artists who sign up for an artist page.

Our recommendation? Prepare the best biography and mail us your music and social media links, so we can consult you on the final requirements to set up your artist page!

How do you sign up for an artist page ?

To become a member of our platform and to apply for our services you can fill out our request form here

Please allow a couple of days for our team to analyse your profile and get back to you.