Artists & Event Managers

We have a set of skills for you

Music Rights

We represent, manage and collect publishing and neighboring rights for our artists/writers & guarantee the best conditions for them.

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Digital Marketing

Our Digital Marketing Team will develop a custom made digital media strategy for you and boost your social media presence to the right audiences.

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Public Relations

Hook you up with our P.R. agent to get features in music blogs ! Our graphic designer and copywriting team can help you to update/modernize your press kit for your press release.

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Artist Page

Your artist page will include your biography and direct links to your soundcloud, social media and videos, which can be used as an Electronic Press Kit (EPK)


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Booking Management

Professional management of your incoming booking requests, including all negotiations, administrations and logistics handling from start to finish.

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Community Management

Keep us up-to-date with your info we can create a news post on our platform (new releases, upcoming tour dates, etc) and boost your promo campaign on social media to all (y)our followers. 


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