SERVICES FOR PROMOTERS does not only provide services for the DJs but also meets all the promoters' needs

As a professional promoter you wish to stay informed on the latest musical trends, tour availabilities, releases and news in general from international deejays. We aim to be that source of reliable information, inspiring and helping musical programmers to put together original line-ups.

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As a prolific music promoter, your aim is not only to entertain the people attending your event but also to inform and educate your audience on latest musical trends and music culture in general. Your mission is to give a wide variety of producers and deejays - from different styles, ages and backgrounds - a platform for the live expression of their skills and artform.  

To place a call, to advertise an open slot for a deejay at your next event, whether it's an opening slot or a headliner position, contact us and reach thousands of deejays in our database, free of charge.

Event managers want reliable partners for the events' creation and booking management. We guarantee a professional and efficient management of your bookings. Why? Because handling all administrative and logistical support like artist hospitality and technical riders arrangement, terms and conditions negociation, and closing of agreements with professional deejays and agents has been our daily work for nearly 20 years.

We aim to be a 360° event management service company for promoters and we put our effort in meeting your needs. We are connected to specialists in all fields of the music industry. From music programming to promotion, light and sound engineers, social media managers, graphic designers, web developers, PR, advertising and professional brand and sponsoring managers.

We will manage the processes that you are prepared to outsource, all with the sole objective of making your project more successful and your job more pleasant and stress free.  

If you are interested in working with us, if you are looking for any type of advice, consultancy or just want some extra information, please contact us and we will get back to you within the next 24h.

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