We Love House announces a new tour.

We Love House announces a new tour. 1

"We Love House" is the in-house event-brand from Deejaybooking.com that is running since the year 2011. After 17 events around the globe a little break WLH is back on track!

Deejaybooking.com offers a wide range of legendary house music producers including Jesse Saunders and Farley Jackmaster Funk.

Within the context of a WLH package tour, Jesse Saunders & Farley Jackmaster are ready to throw a 32nd anniversary milestone for House Music. The WLH TOUR is more then performing deejays, the show will feature the screening of, UNSUNG, a documentary starring Frankie Knuckles & the Roots of HOUSE, the House Music ART exhibit, Awards, a Q & A with the Pioneers and more!

It is an exceptional opportunity for house lovers to dive deep down in the times where it all began; an event that contributes contributions from House Music supporters and Pioneers and documents its history.

Farley & Jesse were rivals at SAUERS in 1981 and teamed up at the legendary PLAYGROUND in 1982. Their first production was "LOVE CAN NOT TURN AROUND", which was hit # 2 on the TOP OF THE POPS in 1986.

Farley was instrumental in breaking the world's first house record, "ON & ON," written, produced and performed by Jesse

Jesse Saunders started his DJ career in the late 70s as part of the Chosen Few DJs, then later on he met Farley (1979), who was promoting for Al Mack (a local promoter). Farley had aspirations of becoming a DJ and Jesse was the inspiration. Farley "Jackmaster" Funk started his DJ career in 1980 after Jesse left for college. Farley was so determined to pick up where Jesse left off that he was locked into a local sound company basement until he could do everything he wanted with a record on a turntable. He then went on to takeover Chicago as a member of the HOT MIX 5. Farley was one of the five individuals were the premier DJ team in the world 'the Hot Mix 5' performing a weekly radio show on WBMX in Chicago, which was most influenyial for the development of House Music and the dj culture as we know it today.

Both Farley and Jesse have been featured in numerous important documentaries and TV specials including "Pump Up The Volume" (Channel 4 UK) and "Unsung" (TV One-USA). Both displayed charismatic lecturing skills (Red Bull Academy, Winter Music Conference, Amsterdam Dance Event) and will lead you through the history and evolution of Electronic Dance Music with this tour. This can be realized in a pre-event PRESS MIXER which insures that the Promoter gets an early audience and much press coverage.