We Love House: DJ Pierre at ADE, Oct 23rd 2022

We Love House: DJ Pierre at ADE, Oct 23rd 2022 9


Oct 21st > TRAX 2 The PHUTURE! The Godfather of Acid House will be present at The Worlds 1st Electronic Music Museum in 020!
Panel (only for pass holders) starts at 3pm and from 5pm it's hands up and dance! Event is free for all with RSVP ONLY and Full = Full.


Amsterdam goes triple wild with WeLoveHouse!
For many years ADE has raised the bar when it comes to electronic music, hosting line-ups full of up-and-coming talents to discover and legendary names to catch.  
On October 23rd, 2022, WLH proudly presents the ADE official After Party with DJ Pierre!

So, what’s the We Love House event about?  
Well, the event is split into two parts and the music will be served ‘Caliente’ by legendary American House Music deejays performing alongside their European counterparts.
Not 1 but 2 events! We’re kicking it all off with a 4 am "Morning Before-Party"....for the serious Househeadz!  

The event is split into two parts 

The Afterparty will run Sunday morning from 04h till 08h, with the creator of Acid House, DJ Pierre from Chicago, Space Disco’s head honcho Hatiras, Andrea Guadalupi, Alex PI (Rulex) of One Love Records & Daisy Rose.

The 2nd part of the event, an ADE TRIBUTE showcase will Start Sunday  4pm - 4am  with additional headliners Lucien Foort and Ron Carroll

House Music, which originated in Chicago, is also a social movement and ideology.   The House Music movement promotes human emancipation and respect for all people irrespective of gender, race, class, age, ability-disability, beliefs, religion or sexuality.  House Music is for all and against all forms of discrimination...... Or, as Jack boldly declared, ‘House Music is the universal language spoken and understood by all‘. 

In this spirit, We Love House (WLH) proudly presents the closing event for this year’s ADE Afterparty and Tribute Showcase. 

Tribute Showcase Tickets:  https://www.amsterdam-dance-event.nl/en/program/2022/paul-johnson-tribute-ade-special/1704921/  

After Party Tickets: https://www.amsterdam-dance-event.nl/en/program/2022/saturday-night-afterparty-20220-still-to-fill/1646895/ 

The Entrance is FREE.  Attendees are invited to donate (amount free of choice.)

This year we collect money for the Inreda Diabetic of Robin Koops

Ticket owners have priority! Full=full 

VENUE for both Events :

50: HERTZ House Café Leidse Square (Suzy Wong)  

ADDRESS: Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 45 1017 PW Amsterdam  

W: https://www.suzy-wong.nl  FB: https://www.facebook.com/Suzy-Wong-120607384770324/