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#ONAIR Time to When We Dip Radio,  Re.You's video, exclusive mix for ibiza sonica´s listeners! Live Podcast -When We Dip/Ibiza Sonica. Connected close out their year with a fantastic new EP 'Wooden' from label favourite Re.You. ‘Wooden’ is a perfectly loose, jumbled groove with cosmic synths panning about the track. It’s dynamic and restless and brings a unique sense of energy to the club. says  "For me it‘s not about the clubs in general, the crowd is the most important to me – so it doesn‘t matter if it‘s a small underground venue or a big warehouse off-location. With the right people, it can be an outstanding party" He  just remixed a track by Fake Mood and Djuma Soundsystem which will be out on Get Physical early 2019. Furthermore, He’ll have a single coming out on Moon Harbour and an EP on Tel Aviv based label 2Frau Blau with remixes by Kadosh and Nico Stojan. All looks very exciting; let‘s see what else will happen.

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