New to the Team: Reteez N' Burn

New to the Team: Reteez N' Burn 1

There are two types of occasions where we especially like to put our hands together: when there's a hot beat drop, and when we welcome new DJs to the team.

So, put your hands together as Reteez N' Burn shines fresh and bright on our roster. 

Reteez N' Burn are a duo from Switzerland - turning the peaceful place more into a dancefloor where EDM is the native language. 

The duo is comprised of Andri Zeiter (representing Reteez) and Sven Burn (representing Burn), young guys who started out even younger. While most teens are the ones attending parties, Andri and Sven were the ones behind the scenes, purchasing DJ equipment, and enhancing their technical and musical skills as they delivered the hottest tracks at local parties - be it school parties or clubs. If anyone needs inspiration in DJ entrepreneurship, just take a look at Reteez N' Burn. They are the literal transformation from bedroom studio to international music festivals. 

The two men came together in March 2018 and ever since then history writes itself. You can often find them playing at a variety of clubs and festivals such as the Zurich Street Parade. 

Reteez N' Burn's have an upcoming performance at Traktor Bar, Rebblütenfest Weiningen in Switzerland on the Saturday 15 June that you don't want to miss. 

In the meantime, have a listen to one of their tracks to learn more about their style.


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