Insider Look: Lady Caro'zart

Insider Look: Lady Caro'zart 1

We had the opportunity to interview upcoming French DJ-Luxembourg based-elegant Lady Caro'zart. 

In it she explains her style, from her song selection process for her mixes to her latest experimenting, the kinds of artists she's inspired by, the future of techno as it blends with breakbeat and other music cultures to trigger emotions, and her future plans. 

Her summer is looking to be #goals as she'll be around in different fun locations, putting on exciting performances. 

  • 15/8 - Belgium: Neufchâtel
  • 24/8 - Ukraine: Independence Day
  • 31/8 - France: Closing Summer Party at Le Kiboki in Saint Quirin

She'll also be in Ibiza with friends at the beginning of September, regrouping herself (but still having fun) before the Autumn/Winter season of performances come around. 

    Keep an eye out for the gracious and fun Lady Caro'zart!