Female Djs on International Women's Day 2019

 Female Djs on International Women's Day 2019 1

Let's take a minute to appreciate all the women in the industry who've held their ground, made it and kept going regardless of every struggle they've had to face. Let's be real, it hasn't been in the past and nor is it still, easy to be a woman in the entertainment industry, more specifically a woman in music and the music sector.

8th March 2019 is International Women’s Day — a day to celebrate the political, economic, social and cultural achievement of women from all walks of life. So what better way to celebrate than to shine a light on some of the stellar female DJs. Every day – but today especially – is a day to empower women and celebrate all of their achievements around the world! But today also gives us a chance to reflect on how much more progress we can make towards achieving gender equality.

In this International Women’s Day by celebrating these talented and skilled female DJs. Lady Caro'zart, Lea Dobricic,Marusha, Tomasa del Real,Julie Mcknight, Barbara Tucker, Jamaica Suk, Ms Dynamite, Ida Engberg, Mc Boogshe,Scarlett Etienne