From starting as a club promoter to transitioning into the DJ world, Dirty Vibezs has seen it all and done it all. From New York to Miami, the night scene belongs to DJ Dirty Vibezs. The club life, and the moving and grooving of the dance floor, keep Dirty Vibezs out from midnight to 6 am every night. The night life definitely belongs to Dirty Vibezs and the late night scene has become his special territory.

For those who are not yet fond of trap music, DirtyVibezs will surely change their perspective. To increase their awareness and familiarity to trap music this type of music can  be best described is combination of 1/3 hip-hop wherein song structure and tempo are the same, and most tracks are commonly between 70-110 bpm and with vocals that are pitched down at times; 1/3 dance music with hardstyle sampling, high-pitch synth work and plethora of popular EDM songs trap remixed;  1/3 dub whereon there is a low-frequency focus as well as stronger emphasis on repetitiveness all throughout the songs.

Dirty Vibezs is planning a European Tour for the beggining of 2019

-London 15-19 of February
16th of February - Burberry event
17,18,19 available

-Mila 20-25 of February
20th of February- The Club Milano
21,22,23,24 available 
25th of February - Hermès event

For any bookings or inquiries contact us at