Chicago House Pioneers Virgo Four Visit Europe

Chicago House Pioneers Virgo Four Visit Europe 1

Most of the time electronic music has a contemporary connotation to it. However, just as with everything that is continued to be celebrated in the present moment, a strong elaborate history allows for a foundation to be built. In the case of house music, there have been many different influences worldwide, but one of the special cities that any house lover can pay homage to is Chicago. This is the city where experimenting was done not just underground, but in the streets, mixing all sorts of different vocals and melodies that distinguish Chicago house the way that it is. 

Virgo Four is one of the pioneers of Chicago House and is one of the few artists left from the second generation of the style. They were the kids who made house parties mean more than just a party at a house - they championed an urban deep house sound that even since the 80's no other artist has been able to replicate. 

They'll be bringing this very special sound to Europe as they'll be in the region between 20 June to late July.

Be sure to book them so that you can enjoy lots of people at your venue as you're sure to receive a considerable bunch - because no one can resist their groove that makes you feel part disco dancer, jazz conductor, and a boss that listens to deep house in their hotel lounge.

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