Born and raised in Burgos (Spain), Yamil has been delivering high quality House and Deep House music for the last couple of years, making him a name in this industry and having his music being played at mayor clubs and festivals around the globe. In his sets ,he adds his personal touch including some of his latest creations, classy drums and a lot of grooving house & deep house vibes

His name is usually on the TOP100 of the most important sales portals.So far, in the last few months Yamil has been getting massive support from top artists like : Solomun, Ray Okpara, Stefano Noferini, Christian Varela and many more.


Eros Ep
 from Solar Distance label, was released on March 2018. Showcasing his deeper and more melodic side with tribal percussion and ethnic influence, this house focused release has been crafted with attention to detail. Opening the EP is “Eros” using cosmic melodies and epic synths layered with percussive shakers and congas. The growling bassline also adds to the tracks intense vibe and it’s topped off with muffled vocal chants that state the words which give the track its name. Second on the release is “Lost” that continues the melodic style with building synths that combine with tribal percussion. Painting pictures of desert landscapes, the track has Arabic style vocals and a sound that some might consider spiritual. Finishing things off is “106” that’s got a low-slung groove and downtempo vibe centred around sampled live percussion. With soothing sounds and delicate vocals the track has a subtle oriental influence, and although it might not be an obvious club track, it’s the perfect mood setter.

 ''Meraki'' is the release that welcomes Spain's talent of Yamil to Nulu Electronic. In collaboration with Dj Rodrik, ''Meraki' is a fascinated melting pot of sounds Deep, Electronic, Afro and percussions that will bring any dance floor into a deep journey of beats, bass and melodies creating an unique groove to be played, danced to and enjoyed in different styles of spaces and atmospheres.

Caliope Ep was released on May 2018. Arranged by Yamil for Go Deeva Records, it includes two mixes: "Caliope Original Mix" and "Clover''


Yamil is a hard working person, spending many hours in the studio, always trying to improve his sound and music. As he never stops working, we are excpecting a lot of new releases and interesting collaborations from the next year. On January 14th, he will release his new ''Tarab'' Ep from Manitox Records. Another release from Yamil will see the light on the 19th of December.'' Nara'' is a melodic house  and techno track which will be part of the first compilation of Sweet Musique label. 

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