Africanism party with Bob Sinclar

Africanism party with Bob Sinclar 1

Africanism is a France based label, since 2001. Many producers and Djs that have been releasing music through the label Africanism have found home for their mood and style, and have droven their music attitude by passion and sexy vibes. Bunch of Drums and Tribal instruments have always delighted the atmosphere of this music catalogue.

Bob Sinclar decided to revive these old but gold days and has now involved his closest friends and producers to re-launch the label at a global rang.  Amsterdam will be the 1st kickoff party for those one-of-a-kind, unforgettable club nights. After that they're planning to go on a tour. More information will be known the next days. 

WHO? - Bob Sinclar, Daddy's Groove, Dj Yellow, Dj Gregory 

WHEN? - 19th of October 

WHERE? - La Favela bar, Amsterdam 

WHAT TIME? - 11:00pm - 8:00am

You can buy your tickets here.  

Some songs to know better the artists: