Scarlett Etienne

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Scarlett Etienne

Scarlett Etienne is a musical global nomad, DJ, musician, performer, travel guru, and tastemaker of fashion. She can be found DJing and performing in clubs, festivals and airwaves across the world, delighting dance floors with her sound of melodic, intelligent, deep electronic musical monologue in a spectrum of settings that spans from Watergate Berlin, to Robot Heart Burning Man, to the Elle Style Awards in London.

Diversity and musical adventure are the essence of the Code de Scarlett. One week she can be found playing keys on stage with the legendary Nile Rodgers and Johnny Marr at Montreux Jazz Festival, and the next orchestrating the music for Matthew Williamson from the sound box of the Royal Opera House, giving Cara Delevigne and Anna Wintour major bass face at the fashion show and then delighting the London Fashion Week revellers at the Tate Modern Museum after show party. She uses her voice not only for breaking musical boundaries, but also to breathe volume into her ongoing humanitarian projects. Scarlett is not only an ambassador and muse for high-fashion couturiers like Erevos Aether, she is also an ambassador and activist for the anti-human trafficking charity Beauty for Freedom, striving to give survivors of sex trafficking hope and ambition through music. When she isn’t getting pitted in Uluwatu on top of her Chilli Surfboard, she is helping to build communities and raise awareness with organisations like Change Heroes and Bali Surf Angels to make the world a better place through active, socially conscious projects.

As an underground electronic artist and DJ, she has earned the recognition of her heroes, with Sasha naming her “Breakthrough Artist” in DJ Mag’s prestigious Top 100 issue. The past shows under her belt include such legendary events as the very first Get Lost in Miami for Crosstown Rebels, headlining Sunwaves festival with Sasha, and the BPM Festival in Playa Del Carmen for My Favorite Robot. In 2016 alone, her DJ schedule has taken her around the world, landing her in places like Nairobi, Mauritius, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Bucharest, Budapest, Dubai, Amsterdam, and Zurich. As her physical self can be only in one place, she makes her presence known in the world by traveling on airwaves: Marc Romboy has taken Scarlett on as resident DJ for his Systematic Session radio show, syndicated in 70 countries worldwide.

Scarlett’s intense passion is matched by her musical talent and studio skills, having remixed for labels like Kitsuné for Lady Gaga’s producer White Shadow, singing sweet nothings on the productions of artists like Daniel Avery on Phantasy, and Oceanvs Orientalis. She has also hammered out her own music productions on underground dance labels Kickboxer and Tsuba with collaborators such as Audiofly .

Scarlett Etienne plays by no rules, ticks many boxes without fitting into any of them, and is constantly breaking boundaries with her multi-faceted approach to music, performance, and being.

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