Le Twins

Le Twins

Le Twins are a set of literal twins that double the talent as DJs, singers and composers.

Originally from Mexico, Le Twins now perform worldwide in countries such as Colombia, U.S., Spain, and China; and big name venues such as Tomorrowland, China Tour, and Steve Aoki's tour. At only age 20, they're able to make a name for themselves already because of their electric stage presence and performance. 

They uniquely play live instruments ranging from the drums to piano while performing, and sing which creates a true live musical experience that harmoniously balances out with their electronic music sounds. 

This one-of-a-kind performing style has undoubtedly garnered attention from high profile artists such as Steve Aoki, Martin Garrix, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike - just to name a few. 

And they don't limit themselves to one subgenre of electronic music. They are role models when it comes to showing how catering to your specific audience results in the most successful performances. Their adaptive skills has given them more performance opportunities to experiment and solidify their personalities into the sounds of:

  • Bass
  • Future
  • Trap
  • HardStyle
  • Jungle Terror
  • EDM
  • Club Music (including Big Hits of the Year, mashups and remixes)
  • House