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“Everything has a tone. What you create in your tone will determine whether anyone will listen.”—- K-HAND

As a way of staying ahead of the curve, today’s precocious house and techno DJs have taken to digging up underrated classics and serving them up side by side with contemporary offerings—In over two decades as a producer, K-Hand, has been responsible for more than a few of these vintage gems. No wonder the Detroit City Council named Kelli Hand “the First Lady of Detroit,” citing her “skills within a male-dominated industry” as a business woman and multimedia artist.

It’s true; K-Hand’s work is being celebrated once again, with brand new music for Nina Kraviz’s ''Trip'' label and her own Acacia imprint on deck after 25 years of releasing undeniable techno and house tunes that remain in demand to this day.

Her turn-of-the-century cut “Clap Yo Hands” found its way onto Ostgut Ton’s Panorama Bar 06 mix compilation by resident Ryan Elliott; going on to receive the best mix of 2014 by Resident Advisor and reigniting interest in her music. “DJ’s DJs” Ben Klock and Ben UFO have also mined K-Hands classic catalog, utilizing “Starz” and “Project 5 (Untitled B1) for their respective Fabric 66 and FabricLive 67 mix CDs.

Truly ahead of her time, Hand continued to rack up many accolades. From being the first woman to release house and techno at the start of the ’90s, she became the first producer from Detroit to release on Warp Records in ’94, and then the first artist to release an album to Studio !K7 in ’95. She also regularly represented her heralded city on compilations from Astralwerks, Sublime Records, Ausfahrt, and Tresor —going on to release entire Techno albums on the latter two Berlin-based imprints..

-“It’s not final until it’s on Vinyl” –K-HAND

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