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Blake Baxter

Before artist from Detroit City got noticed worldwide for their electronic music sound as early as a teenager Blake Baxter was DJ/mixing all forms of dance music Baxter first began mixing records in the middle of the 1980s. Blake Baxter was a resident disc jockey at Majestic theater club for a popular nightlife promoter who goes by the name Sterling in downtown Detroit.

Where Blake played a wide range of dance music such as industrial, alternative, D.O.R, dance hall and acid house and disco Blake also deejayed at clubs Leland house also known as the City Club and the Shelter Club at that time Blake began working on his own music productions in studios in Detroit and Chicago eventually Blake signed to Chicago’s DJ international dance music record label.

Early on in Blake Baxter musical journey consist of 80’s influences like new wave alternative dance and industrial style of music from his first productions Blake has used the two elements to compose his productions the techno music sound and the house music sound combined together you have early tech house elements tech house is Blake Baxter sound signature from ‘Work” released on Jack master 2 and “In this house we jack” on Jack Master 4 compilation album DJ international in Chicago on to Detroit.

Blake’s 1st official release of “When we used to play” and “Does not compute” on KMS-011 a remix 12inch EP from Blake’s previous studio production work followed by the first Detroit techno compilation the album the compilation that introduced the Detroit electronic music artist and their sound to the world on the Virgin 10 records on the compilation album.

Blake Baxter wrote four projects / productions on the album following Virgin 10 release Blake toured briefly in the UK with other artist from the album compilation after that back home in Detroit Blake Baxter then called by his colleagues the “prince of techno” started working with and releasing music on other Detroit labels such as Incognito records and Underground Resistance record label UR-06 titled the “Prince of Techno” 12 inch EP after the release of UR-06 Blake Baxter bridging the gap between Detroit and Europe then toured in Germany and Europe with Underground Resistance deejays and Tresor artist Blake also had a record store in downtown Detroit 1992 to 99 called Save the Vinyl and during that time promoted parties and events like Tresor parties in Detroit Blake was the 1st to book artist such as Dj Funk, DJ Hell, Joey Beltrem, Abe Duque, Electric Indigo in Detroit.

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