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Two years after releasing his first EP, X_1 pursues his exploration of the connections between electronic codes and sounds related to space, stories or emotions. This disc is teinted with Electroacoustic influences and its three tracks, “Le Glitch”, “Happy Hifi” & “Tangente à l’Ouest” each have their own identity. They are all indeed dedicated to both dancing and meditating.
This disc aims to generate proper listening moments and emotions wether you’re in a club, at home, in the street, alone or with some friends.
Three colored wanderings that came out of this young producer’s mind.

X_1 aka Axone has been into electronic music since his early age, listening to its different types and origins. Immediately fascinated by the experience of listening and the numerous possibilities of sound manipulation.
After a couple of years studying piano he found out about computer assisted music and started to experiment in his progressively growing home studio. He would later study sound engineering techniques that he would inject in his own works.
Gravitating around two universes that tend to rejoin: X_1 when it comes to techno house & danse orientated productions and Axone for those closer to Electroacoustic, which he still studies at the Conservatory in Paris.

Member of the BeatXChanger’s collective, he’s behind the label’s first 12″ release: Just You. An unexpected success among the public and recognized djs / composers / producers such as Laurent Garnier, Leon Vynehall, Fred P or Levon Vincent. Very active within the growing collective/label, he multiplies collaborations, the main one being the live duo Pulkone which he forms with the gifted Monomite, another member of the Beat X Changers’ family.

Axone / X_1 is interested in litterature as well as in fine arts, the evolution of technology, cinema and radio. Always obsessed with creating music that carries a meaning, rather than evolving in an underground niche or applying recipes he already masters, he explores the links between styles, artistic disciplines, and the different points of view of the people and things surrounding him in order to go further in his creation.

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