Vintage Future

Mark Taylor aka Vintage Future (UR Detroit /Model 500 member)

Vintage Future

Mark Taylor, also known as DJ Vintage Future and Cronic Tronic, is a techno artist who has made a name for himself on the electronic music scene. With a career spanning over two decades, Taylor has played to packed crowds at some of the biggest festivals and venues around the world. He first gained widespread recognition in the mid-90s with MN8's hit single "I've Got a Little Something for You" which sold over 4 million copies.

In addition to his work as a producer and solo artist, Taylor has a strong relationship with techno pioneer Juan Atkins and has worked on numerous projects with him, including as a member of Atkins' band Model 500. Despite his impressive career, Taylor remains somewhat of a mystery, leaving fans eagerly anticipating each new performance.

Taylor's passion for music stems from his belief in its ability to communicate across boundaries and evoke emotion sometimes, without the use of lyrics. His dynamic performances are known for their energy and ability to connect with audiences, making him a must-see act for fans of electronic music.

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