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Tristan Garner

You would be hard pressed to find an artist more authorative on the convergence of electronic and alternative culture than Tristan Garner. As one of the most distinct talents to emerge from the burgeoning French club scene, his renegade stance upon global club land has rallied many an admirer, making his 360-degree industry overhaul an unignorable force of musical anarchy.

Emerging from rural France with a passion for technology and various forms of rock music, Garner was perhaps the least likely child to break the mold as a globally acclaimed dance artist. Armed only with classical piano training and an affinity for programming software, it was a chance introduction to Reason that would set him on course to his now widely acknowledged aptitude for filling dance floors with divergent club fuel. Whilst his earlier days were spent studying marketing and business at one of France’s most prominent business academies, Tristan would relocate to Paris at the age of 22 and promptly find his feet as a truly entrepreneurial artist. Immersed in Parisian club culture, his earlier residencies at Queen and Amnesia nightclub would comfortably set in motion his own musical revolution. A producer first and foremost, the opportunities forged around his quest to muster the full creative spectrum would see his own tracks in the hands of some of his nations most prolific industry advocates. By the time “Give Love” had formally hit the market, the bookings were out of control and so started Garner ongoing ascent of the global dance industry.

From such landmark studio offerings as “Last Forever” alongside Norman Doray through to A-list remix duties for the likes of Zedd, Armin Van Buuren, and Tiësto, Tristan’s musical calling card has remained a welcomingly distinct affair. Within the leaps and bounds between his Digital Rocker EP and such acclaimed singles as “Punx” and “Machine Gun,” that high-octane getup has been embedded upon dance floors across the globe, adding to his attested trend for bringing new and exciting noise to the peak time skyline. Now holding a melodically refined manipulation of sound from across the musical spectrum, this daring approach continues to turn heads away from the obvious safe zones that Garner has set upon destroying throughout his career.

Behind the decks, Tristan is just as positively unconventional. Renowned for his speedy mixing, off-the-cuff bootlegs and mash-ups and juxtapositions of music from every imaginable avenue, his refined and perfectionistic approach has turned heads across the globe. Holding his own residency at Vessel San Francisco and preparing to trail the globe with his adrenaline-fuelled showmanship, Tristan has ascended to the ranks of floor filling punk with seamless stamina.

The action doesn’t end at studio spoils and hair-raising DJ sets. His own Xtra Life imprint has seen the French talent steer his own industry vessel towards the sound of his musical ambitions, collecting new talents and his own solo offerings along the way. As an original brand of electronic music, the future hints at huge parties, cutting edge artists and a very personal take on the artist imprint concept.

But when Tristan suggests we have seen but a fraction of his career, you know big things are in store. Think deep conceptual albums, globetrotting tour duties, further refinement of his Xtralife imprint and the perfecting of his intense musical calling card and there is little question as to why this deviant French talent is consistently on the rise. If ever electronic dance music needed a diversion from the poster-boy antics of ‘EDM’, Tristan Garner is the musical manipulator that modern club land has been begging for.

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