Tomasa del Real

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Tomasa del Real

Valeria Cisternas (from Iquique, Chile, and born on December 1, 1986) is a Chilean singer and composer, known as the pioneer of the sub-genre of reggaeton, Neoperreo. Del Real was born in Iquique, a northern city in Chile, where she experienced her childhood alongside her family and friends. Once graduating from college in 2007, she moved to the Chilean capital, Santiago, where she began her studies in fashion design, which she would then abandon in favor of launching her own project: starting her own independent clothing line in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2010. It would be in Buenos Aires where she would be introduced to a new particular field of art, in which - in the future - would become her next job and passion: tattooing.


In March of 2011, she would return her birthplace, Iquique, where she would open her tattoo shop, which would last until 2015. During this time, her love for music is born due to a Mac given to her by her mother, which would push her to create different audio-visual projects in which she would develop a variety of videos and songs inspired by reggaetón; in turn, these projects would rapidly call the attention of a public audience that never knew that type of music existed, which is called NEOPERREO (which brings together the dance of “perreo” with the sounds of the digital era). Thanks to the possibility of traveling to different countries because of her passion for tattooing, Tomasa would visit many stadiums, passing through countries such as Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Spain, Berlin, Stockholm, where she would take her singing career to the next level.

In 2016, she would launch her first album, “Bien Y Mal,” with nine songs in which she compiled. This would start her musical career with many tours throughout South America, Europe, and the United States, causing her to reach the artistic level that she continues to keep and honor to this day.

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