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Rudichi aka Chester Code + Alex Pi

Many incredible years have passed between playing their first track until now. Born as two house freaks, a complete musical revolution has begun for Rudichi & Alex Pi: From the first track, they played on vinyl, to a complete digital studio built into a computer. Rudichi & Alex Pi Two Dutch producers/Dj's are responsible for so many crazy productions in all kinds of styles that it's impossible to put them in a box. Together they produce tracks like Da Jungle - Louis Vega & Dj Pierre (Rudichi & Alex Pi Dirty Jungle Mix) (Afro Acid), Stress - Justice & Dj Pierre (Rudichi & Alex Pi 2Recordz Mix) (Afro Acid), Never Surrender (Rudichi & Alex Pi Original 2Recordz Mix) (2Recordz), Fette Sjit (Rudichi & Alex Pi Remix) ADE(Amsterdam Dance Event 2008) (Future Street Music). The studio is the place where it all happens! The place where you can sit down and have no stress, only think about music, talk about music and feel the music! The most important thing for this couple is to combine all those things and let them be the music! They will take you on a journey through music and you will get excited of the energies that these two guys give you when they take over the turntables. Every set has to be quality and that's what makes them so special and excited. Today a whole new generation appreciates the music of these two talented freaks without knowing the full history of it. Pay attention to these guys this year because there are many productions and gigs coming up !! 



  • “Da Jungle” - Louie Vega VS. DJ Pierre, Afro Acid
  • “Stress Or Justice” – DJ Pierre rework of Justice, Afro Acid
  • “Back And Fourth” – Gene Farris ft. JDub, Farris Wheel Recordings
  • ”To Far Gone” – Danny Howels, Afro Acid

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