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Mike Steva

Mike Steva delivers Music for your Mind, Body & Soul! His musical vibration embodies an essence that makes you Move, Heal and Feel! From the depth of his original musical productions or his energy behind the decks in various spots throughout the world, he maintains an honest and pure sound as an Artist and DJ.

Birds of Paradise

Mike Steva is a House Music DJ & Producer. Known for his unique sound behind the decks as well as in his productions, Mike has been playing, making Music for as from as far back as he can remember. Steva began playing records, tapes, CD’s and messing around with drums, drum machines and synths as a kid.

He began DJ’ing on 2 turntables and a Mixer, spinning at clubs in his hometown city of Melbourne from the age of 15. It wasn’t long before his gift grew into a way of life, making beats and recording music and later touring around the globe DJ’ing and sharing his take on Music.

Steva signed with Yoruba Records in 2012, under the guidance of the majestic Osunlade! Released his first EP titled ‘Visions of Paradise’ an eclectic 3 track EP with sounds and vibes showing Steva’s maturity in sound and and debuting his name on the international House Music scene!

It wasn’t too long before Steva released his debut album titled ‘Who Am I’ on Yoruba Records, which was inhaled as a breath of fresh air in the House Music World! Receiving accolades from all over the world and was nominated in the top 100 albums on the Worldwide awards 2014 by Giles Peterson along side Moodymann and Fatima to name a few. Such a great feat for such a young artist in the House Music world.

The album was remixed in 2016 by the likes of Louie Vega, Osunlade, Atjazz, Raoul K, Seven Davis Jnr and many more, it added a different take to already stellar tracks and once again reaffirmed Steva’s mark in the international house music scene. Touring and DJing in various spots throughout the world, Steva has performed from Santroini to Burning Man, Toronto to Bali, Amsterdam to New York and beyond. The future is bright for this House Kid! Mike Steva’s Soul Mission continues - Spreading the love and uniting people thru music and Dance!



  • 7th: Kuala Lumpur 
  • 12th: Seoul
  • 13th: Saigon
  • 14th: Singapore
  • 15th: Hong Kong
  • 19th: Maccau
  • 20th: Jakarta
  • 21st: Bangkok 
  • 22nd: Manila 
  • 27th:  Available 
  • 28th:  Available 


  • 3rd:  Available 
  • 4th:  Available 
  • 10th: Macedonia
  • 11th: Bulgaria
  • 17th:  Available 
  • 18th: Available  
  • 24th: Available 
  • 25th: Available 
  • 31st:  Available 


  • 1st:  Available 
  • 5th: Madrid

Other dates available upon request.

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