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Being in love with music his whole life, Lando Riské decided to join the entertainment scene in 2017. Intrigued by spinning records and making crowds of people dance, he taught himself how to blend and mix tracks. From listening to radio shows, mixtapes, and analyzing tracks, he further mastered the craft and was able to mix smoother. 

His sets are the best to describe as strong, energetic, all he wants is to get the crowd moving and take them on a journey, it’s an experience.

When he’s not playing you can find him in his studio producing his own tracks. As a producer, he tries to get something new every week, and every time the level rises to new heights. Lando Riské goes for the best of both worlds, analog and digital are his workflows. His first track was released on one of the leading Belgian labels ‘Coincidence Records’. Afterward, he got releases on ‘Mental Schizophrenia’, ‘Physical Techno Recordings’, and future releases on ‘Black Square Recordings.

Lando's latest remix on Physical Techno Recordings is available now for pre-orders. 

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