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Lady Caro’zart

Lady Caro’zart is a French Dj originally from Italy born in France, living in Luxemburg.  At the age of 18 she felt that electronic music would be the new way of life. Electronic music stole her soul, from that moment she knew that music would be her way of life.

Trained and raised in Dj school Academy in Luxembourg, she gained the technical knowledge to develop her own music style. She then started performing deep house & techno sessions every Thursday in Luxembourg @ Bar Rouge, with success. Today, Luxembourg nightlife vibes her sound.

She began to introduce melodic techno vibes in her sets, playing at venues such Bar Rouge, Palais, Melusina, Spot 48 that trusted her and gave her the musical freedom to perform her own style. Her reputation as a techno dj is growing and she's now also performing in Germany in the bordertown of Saarbrucken, Belgium and France.

Half House & half Techno, her dj style is composed of a range of styles, playing productions from the likes of Ferreck Dawn, Rampa, &Me, Tube & Berger, Robosonic and David Penn. She finds her inspiration in the music and performances of deep & melodic techno artists such as Solomun, Dizharmonia, Soul Button, Einmusik, Stephan Bodzin, Joris Voorn, Jeremy Olander, Joyhauser, Martin Roth and more underground producers such as Adam Beyer, Mark Reeve, Boris Brejcha, Luigi Madonna, Ida Engberg, Charlotte de Witte, Adysin, Pan-Pot, Layton Giordani, Monika Kruse, Deborah de Luca and Pig & Dan among others.

Her dj sound is her soul, music is in her blood. Lady Caro’zart is not only a female Dj, she’s a musical experimental, developing her own unique style in a perpetual search for new creations. She will bring you to the Twilight Zone of sound to keep your emotions awake.



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