Kurd Maverick

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Kurd Maverick

Since the age of 8 Cihan Oetuen, better known as Kurd Maverick, concerned himself with music. At that time Kurd was a part of a band where he already programmed songs on a Korg workstation and presented them live on various stages all over Europe.

In the early 90’s the techno-movement finally hit Kurd Maverick and consequently it was something completely new to him. Fascinated by the movement, especially by the Love Parade and the Poison Club in Düsseldorf he made his acquaintance also with house music.
From this moment on it was clear where his musical journey would lead him for the next few years.

Numerous dj shows followed until he moved back to his studio where he began to produce house music for the first time. One of his first releases, produced under his artist name “Kurd Maverick”, generated so much attention, that he decided to keep this name.

Followed by many remixes and releases Kurd succeeded two times in a row being the Essential New Tune at the most famous radio broadcast of Pete Tong’s Essential Selection. No one ever had achieved this performance before. Kurd became an indispensable part of the international house scene.

Since then Kurd Maverick travels through the whole world and delights thousands of people with his unforgettable groovy sounds.

This year he is looking forward to his residency in Ibiza and at the same time to the opportunity to absorb the spirit of the island to produce new music.

May the groove be with you.

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