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Harrison Crump

Some people have to work hard to be successful. Others are simply born with talent ready to be discovered. Harrison Crump is one of the latter. His skills as a vocalist and musician were found out early on in his life. “He first started out when he was eleven, singing to doo-wop songs and soul songs “Then in High School Harrison started writing songs and singing them .

Though he had found a natural niche, Harrison didn’t pursue it immediately. First of all, he studied film at Columbia College (School of Arts). During that time he stayed in a neighbourhood rife with gangs and ended up discovering music as a diversion. “Harrison had to have something to get me away from all that he recalls. So he went to house parties, started throwing my own and also started playing records and so on”.

Harrison Crump was born and raised in Chicago Town in united states of America . Not only was he brought up with funk, soul and doo-wop records, but also he was right in the middle of the house music explosion. Does he have any fond memories? “he remember the beginning of, Move Your Body and Time To Jack”, he affirms. “People were wearing pumps is what they called it back then. We wore these pants that were like parachutes, they were so big and wide so we could look good when you danced to the music. It was a historical era in House music and we were having a great time. he feel honoured to be part of such an era.

Following on from throwing parties and learning how to spin records, Harrison moved into production. His first experiences weren’t as positive as they could have been. “I was so eager to buy used gear for his studio that he tried to make a deal on the streets in a bad place”, he recalls. “he tried to buy an MPC 3000 and a Kurzweil 2000 for half price from someone he didn’t know. He pulled out a .45 Magnum, stuck it to his stomach and told him to give all my money up and take off my pants. Then they hit him over the head and fired three shots. It was so loud, he thought they had shot him but he didn’t feel any pain. he then realized that he was still alive.”
Harrison’s next musical moments were somewhat more positive admittedly, things couldn’t have gotten any worse. “He got paid for his first EP on Strictly Rhythm he beams. I loved the feeling of someone wanting my work. Before that EP, Harrison worked alongside Felix da Housecat (a cut through Chicago Underground), an artist he has worked with ever since. Not only that, but his prodigious talents can be heard on the much-talked about Puff Daddy dance music project, alongside his old pal Felix Da Housecat. If you didn’t know – now you know.
Harrison currently has 2 hit songs on circulation, So Amazing, featuring HHP, Congratulate which AKA sampled Harrison Crump’s hit song Ride. Apart from his music he also debuted on few Tv programs and his recent act was “Rolling with Harrison Crump” which aired on E-TV AND Also Got Nominated As The Best Collaboration Song At The 14th Metro FM Awards IN 2015.
Harrison is a house legend.
He is a versatile producer as well. He produces all genres of music, Hip Hop, R&B, Soul, Dance, Electric, House, Gospel etc. So what does our house legend/ producer have up his sleeve? He is currently busy with his new album which keeps him on lock down in his studio in Melrose Jhb. He also working on singles which he plans on releasing to keep his fans entertained

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