Dutchican Soul & Karmina Dai

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Dutchican Soul & Karmina Dai

Niels Schroder, known as Dutchican Soul, is  a Dutch DJ and music producer.  He began his career as a professional producer in 1999 under the record label Astral Music in The Netherlands. His reputation soared as he increasingly performed in clubs across Europe. In 2003 he studied at Griffith University in Queensland, Australia, working on a Bachelor of Popular Music degree at the Conservatorium. He expanded his repertoire to perform live with various musicians, earning residencies in numerous venues, including Family Nightclub and Press club. On the Gold Coast of Australia in clubs like Mybar, Berlin Bar and Elsewhere.

After two years in Australia, Schroder returned to The Netherlands where he started his music studio in Amsterdam and toured around the world. His production works have been signed by a variety record labels, such as Strictly Rhythm, Subliminal Records, Salted Music, Peppermint Jam Records, Hardsoul Pressings, Soulfuric, Hed Kandi along with many others. Since then, his music gained popularity, as he achieved significant commercial success with his Fire & Ice EP part 1 under Salted Music in 2018, charting at #1 in the Singles Main Chart and House Music Top 100 at Traxsource. He was ranked #52 in House Artists of 2018 Top 100, as well as #7 in the Traxsource House Music No. 1’s of 2018 chart.

His revival on the music scene was aided in part by support of a wide range of DJs, such as Purple Disco Machine, David Guetta, Benny Benassi, Axwell, Erick Morillo, Illyus & Barrientos, Roog, Miguel Migs, Mousse T and Brian Tappert all of whom played his music on radio shows and in DJ sets.

Dutchican Soul’s music has been described as a mix of old school, vocal and soulful house music, with a little touch of techno. Heavily influenced by Pop and Soul music in his upbringing in The Netherlands, he is known for his upbeat, funky, groovy, laidback rhythm.  While performing his enthusiasm and energy lights up the audience and ignites an explosion of engagement and dancing and a night to be remembered.

As Pop and Soul has been his major musical influences, a sultry and soulful vocal would be the best addition to his exciting body of work. Schroder met Karmina Dai in 2018 on Instagram; there was instant chemistry as he recognized that she could truly breath chemistry and more life into his music.

Karmina Dai, a Soul/Funk/R&B/House artist, is definitely not the traditional vocalist you see nowadays on the news. During the age of artists rising from social media, Karmina’s roots actually started with singing in the church, growing up under the watchful and religious eye of her grandmother. After performing her first song “Faith”, in choir of a Pentecostal church in front of 150 people at only the age of 4, she soon set her sights on becoming a star.

Influenced by the music of Chaka Khan, Blondie, Donna Summer, George Clinton, Bootsy Collins and Stephanie Mills, Karmina took a leap of faith from live performing to studio production for the first time at the age of 16. She recalled missing a piece of her life whenever taking a break from doing music, claiming it to be a gift from God and what she does best. With her mother and grandmother’s support, she moved to New York to enroll in college to ensure she could survive in the Big Apple. Encouraged by her professional voice coach, she maintained her connection to the music industry and returned with even more determination to create and perform great music.  Karmina is now a recording artist that took her life as an inspiration to awaken people to follow their dreams no matter what. Her empowering persona, and unflinching determination, along with the soulful, feminine touch of her voice, has become her greatest asset and brings life to every piece of music she vocalizes.  

The recording booth has become her spiritual home and every time the recording light is on, it is like an electric shock that taps into her mind and body, exuding her beautiful vocal delivery,

The mutual combination of dedication to the music and excellence is what makes Dutchican Soul and Karmina Dai connect so well as artists. They are the children of passion and diligence…With Dutchican Soul’s experienced productions, along with Karmina’s powerhouse vocal capabilities, they have become an empowering duo that ooze not only chemistry but also electrifying House/Soul musical pieces that inspire audiences to live to the fullest.

Dutchican Soul and Karmina have been collaborating since their first live gig in Miami for Miguel Mig’s Salted Music during Miami Music Week 2019. Later that year they released two singles on Phoenix Music and Mousse T’s Peppermint Jam Recordings which gained DJ support from David Guetta, Benny Benassi, Mr. V, DJ ROOG and many more. Karmina Dai and Dutchican Soul performed five shows during Amsterdam Dance Event (2019) which led to more new opportunities for 2020. Be prepared to see a lot of positive energy during their sets with original music and good vibes.

Below is a collaborating track by the duo



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