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DJ Motiv8

He’s been called a Hip Hop legend by many inside and outside of the industry. He is known throughout for nurturing young talents and building them into superstars. Monroe Walker also known in the world of music as DJ Motiv8 is a pioneer and key veteran in Hip Hop music and culture always representing as one of the most innovative and creative producer/DJ in the world. I started my production career DJin on stage with well known artist of the Phillippines Gary V. ,Kuh Ledesma,Francis Magalona,RAPASIA,and a then young singer from Star Search BANIG.I dj’d and co-produced with my mentor George Black on several projects with these artist. In the early 90’s when Motiv8 was DJing the West Coast club circuit he came across an aspiring MC by the name of William Adams, eager to learn with the right drive and hunger for success, he took it upon himself to teach him the ways of music production studio recording and overall presence and performance. Later they would add two other MCs.

Today they are known in the world as AplDe Ap, Taboo and Now better known as the World Famous Black Eyed Peas. For years they worked and lived together in pursuit of making there love for music into more than just a passion for hip hop. By 1993 they were signed onto Easy Es record label Ruthless Records under the group name the Atban Klann. In 1994 the record came out which was produced by DJ Motiv8. Unfortunately shortly after the records release, Easy E passed away due at an eraly age due to a publicly unknown infection of the A.I.D.S. virus. The Atban Klann were then released from Ruthless Records.

Motiv8 continued Djing on artists tracks such as Kylie Minogue always remaining busy at work in the studio producing tracks for many artists. Also touring as a solo artist in countries such as the Philippines, Japan, and Australia where he has headlined overseas tours with MC Supernatural. By this time, the Black Eyed Peas had been Created and Motiv8 since The Atban Klann days remained as their official group DJ. Touring all over the world and appearing in many of the early music videos from albums such as Behind the Frontand Bridging the Gap.

Furthermore he is the only featured scratch DJ for the Black Eyed Peas from the first album to the current and upcoming projects.
Although touring took up a large part of his time, Motiv8 has always found time to work with some of the worlds biggest and respected artists. Producing tracks for Music Legends like Madonna (“Ray of Light album”), Billy Idol and the Coors,etc. He is also the drum programmer on Nsyncs hit song (Drive Myself Crazy from their first album) which helped launch the careers of these international pop stars. He is of course always heavily involved with Hip Hop and is affiliated with groups such as the Scarub of Living Legends,Ahkil of Jurassic 5, The Blood of Abraham and Tippa Irie.

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