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Dirty Vibezs

Trap music’s evolution has been the most substantial and exhilarating movements in dance music, and this leaves the lovers of this genre with ever broadening and endless avenues to explore. From simple to hardest and most complicated trap music, this type is meant to awaken the crowd and deliver a combination of soulful and lively intimate rhythm. Trap music is genuinely worth the experience.

DirtyVibezs is a Trap DJ that plays the top 40 hits with his own unique remixes. Somewhat like DJ RL Grime, DirtyVibezs music is extraordinary and intoxicating. The Dirtyvibezs Music is now lighting up the Dance Floor all across NYC.

It cannot be denied that New York City is widely recognized as the king of club scenes. For one to manage to be one of the successful promoters in NYC, he needs to show real drive, good personality, and love for music. This is where Everon Clarke originally came up from just before he started the DirtyVibezs.

DirtyVibezs is a well-known club promoter surrounded by almost everything from Victoria Secrets models to many famous NY and Miami celebrities. Another factor that triggers Everon Clarke to establish DirtyVibezs is his love for club life. This is also the very same thing that makes the dance floor move and grooves themselves. He took up the challenge and then created the DirtyVibezs. After-hours DJ sets followed until this was described as legendary. The 12 am to 6 am has clearly being marked as the special territory of Dirty Vibezs.

He is also a mainstay for celebrities and fashion insiders alike.  Individuals can catch Dirtyvibezs at  the most popular and crowded  night clubs in New York City such as Ph.D. Roof Top at the Dream hotel or the Marquee or some of the most exclusive venues in NYC that generally host  special guest list in the city. The Dirty Vibezs has a broader fan base consisting mostly of runway fashion models and famous hip hop artists.

For those who are not yet fond of trap music, DirtyVibezs will surely change their perspective. To increase their awareness and familiarity to trap music this type of music can  be best described is combination of 1/3 hip-hop wherein song structure and tempo are the same, and most tracks are commonly between 70-110 bpm and with vocals that are pitched down at times; 1/3 dance music with hardstyle sampling, high-pitch synth work and plethora of popular EDM songs trap remixed;  1/3 dub whereon there is a low-frequency focus as well as stronger emphasis on repetitiveness all throughout the songs.

According to  the DJ, his deepest affection and passion for good club music  was built around going to the world’s best clubs , promoting at many of them as well as experiencing what best DJs in the world can actually do to a dance floor first hand. The Dirty Vibezs is now fulfilling the same vision, and dance lovers couldn't be happier.

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