Derrick Thompson

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Derrick Thompson

Founder of Soiree Records International.

Derrick Thompson entered into the musical fray aged eight while taking drum lessons at school. Amazed at the notion of being able to make music by beating on things without harassment from a teacher was something that kept him pursuing music. Aged 13, Thompson acquired his first bass guitar. He spent countless hours mastering the instrument. His early influences were Stanley Clarke and Louis Johnson.

Two years later, Thompson jumped to the Stratocaster guitar. Shortly thereafter, he found himself playing on stage in rock bands. At the same time, the buzz on electronic music had started in Detroit. Thompson liked the idea of being able to be his own one man band. He invested in synthesizers, samplers, and recording studio hardware, and also purchased a set of turntables and a mixer. He then began DJing at parties, weddings and soon, clubs.

By this time, Thompson's musical direction was clear. He went solo and established his own record label in 1990, Soiree Records, mainly focussing on deep house. In the following years, Thompson expanded his horizons by releasing several records on European labels such as Plink Plonk, Basic Beat, Mr. C's End Recordings, Kontraband, Slip 'N' Slide, and many others. In 1997 he launched Xplor Music, a Detroit-techno oriented label.

Soiree Records International has not only provided an outlet for Thompson to release his own material but has also become a musical launchpad for artists throughout the globe. The worldwide vinyl and digital distribution of Soiree Records International has earned Thompson an abundant amount of respect and notoriety in the industry.

Thompson expanded his growing influences even further. With an endless repertoire of quality and groundbreaking tracks, there is a continuous demand for Thompson from both major and independent labels around the world.

Behind the decks, Derrick Thompson aka Drivetrain has electrified dance floors around the planet for more than two-decade. His dynamic and always energetic mixing technique along with his undeniably impeccable track selection and skills has ignited crowds at the world's most highly acclaimed clubs, festivals and venues. Thompson's passionate and dedicated work ethic has not only validated him as an international success but has earned him the utmost respect as a musical powerhouse. To this day his relentless endeavors and hard-working mindset keeps him forever focused on producing and presenting quality music reflecting his roots.

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