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Bruno Sanchioni aka B.B.E.

Classic Trance music played by almost every dj all over the world, this brand is a trademark of quality melodic and characterful music. "Seven Days and One Week" was a top ten hit in more than ten countries worldwide. Followed up with three Top 20 hits: "Flash" "Desire" and "Deeper Love". Supported by MlV Europe and BBC radio. B.B.E. Revision 1 & 2 are still worldwide played in the underground scene. Bruno Sanchioni produced one of the very first trance recordings, "The Age of Love". One of the most played anthems ever. Recently remixed by Solomun. He also released under nicknames as Dr. Phibes, one of the first acid dance tracks ever made (1989} & Plexus, a rave theme. - Seven days and one week, Age of love - (Classic Set) AKA Plexus Cactus Rhythm, Dr. Phibes Acid Story. 

Bruno Sanchioni is responsible for many, many powerful tracks. He is the dark knight behind a lot of deep-going mayhems. Most people know him because of B.B.E.s hit-record 'Seven Days And One Week' and the mega-hit 'Age Of Love' he has composed with Bruno Quartier and Emmanuel Top.  But there are a lot of other strong projects: Bazz, Brainwave, Illicit Experiment, Plexus, Rave Inspiration or Zeta 3, to name only a few.
Without him, DiKi wouldn't have had the same success. Bruno Sanchioni came over techno like a secret weapon in the early 90s.
Its heavyweight soulful energy he released on wax and CDs in these golden years of techno.

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