Bobby de Maria

Bobby de MARIA

DJ Bobby De Maria
Fifteen years ago, Bobby De Maria randomly bought a set of turntables from a buddy with little to no knowledge of how they worked, or how to use them. Just two months later, Bobby began showing up at frat houses at Michigan State and offering to DJ their parties. Many of the house’s began using Bobby as their DJ. About six months after buying his turntables, Bobby went to a club in Lansing, Michigan called Excel and confidently booked his first guest spot.

Upon arriving to his first set, Bobby realized he literally still had no idea how to beat match. After playing about twenty minutes of a choppy, nasty, off beat hip-hop set, a random club go-er approached Bobby with a CD and said, “Try This”. The CD was full of House Music! That night at Excel, Bobby learned to beat match on the spot, and grew familiar with what a mix should sound like. That was the night Bobby found his calling as a DJ, and realized his true passion in life. House Music.

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