SUPERFUNK are Stephane B & Mike 303, two house music pioneers, that have created club classics and radio hits since 20 years, with a distinct funky and groovy sound deeply connected to the sunny french riviera of Marseille, France where the boys are from.

Taking off in the late 1990’s and in line with the French Touch disco house movement at that time, Stephane and Mike released their first album « Hold Up » as Superfunk, in collaboration with Ron Carroll who features the hit single “Lucky Star” (over a million copies sold), licensed on Virgin Records thru their label Fiat Lux.

‘Lucky Star’ became a worldwide platinum hit record and a radio classic still played today. House pioneers like Paul Johnson or Dimitri From Paris went on to work on the album making it the biggest selling dance french record of the year 2K.

They didn’t lose anything of their superb French Touch’ed sound and found home on Computer ScienceLifelike’s parisian house label for this very special « Bangalter EP ».

An hommage to the producer Thomas Bangalter (Daft Punk) who inspired an entire generation of producers and DJ’s, and still does today.

We called our good friend Sedat The Turkish Avenger, one of Crydamoure’s (Guy Manuel de Homem Christo label) favorite, Lifelike and Dealers De Funk to remix that « Bangalter » mad-disco-on-steroids track.

« Bangalter EP » is French Touch’ed House at it’s best, Christmas 2017 will definately be filtered… the right way.

Date of release: 8th of December 017 (Digital & Streaming Platforms)



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