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Kraftek, 303 Lovers, Definitive Rec., Eklektisch, Great Stuff - Sweden

Pleasurekraft are available
28th & 29th March
11th, 12th & 18th April
11th, 12th, 18th & 25th July


Pleasurekraft is a visceral and cerebral experience which shakes the entire dance scene whit a unique style of seductive, deep, groove heavy, underground techno.

In 2010, Pleasurekraft released the year’s biggest smash hit ‘Tarantula’.  It quickly earned the support of the world’s biggest DJs retaining  the #1 overall position on Beatport for an entire month and they released remix of Green Velvet’s classic “La La Land” (already in tech house top 10 in less than 1 week).

The highlight of last year was without a doubt their release of ‘Got a Feeling’ on their Kraftek label. A definite underground club hit! that won the best Best-Selling Remix of the Year at the #Beatport 2014 awards.


Recent news from Pleasurekraft is their next release which is due out on 7th March is a remix of Booka ShadeCrossing Borders feat. Fritz Kalkbrenner.

Also see the link of Pleasurekraft playing at BMP Festival this year.



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