New Model500 album “Digital Solutions” out now.

Juan Atkins releases a new Model 500 LP  called ‘Digital Solutions’.

 After 35 years in the game,
Juan Atkins puts out a new album!

This year marks the 35th anniversary of Atkins‘s storied career, and he’ll celebrate with a nine-track LP as Model 500. Though the project has been a collaborative affair in the live arena, with Mike Banks, DJ Skurge and Mark Taylor all contributing, Digital Solutions is a solo record from Atkins with some additional production work from Banks. It’s the third Model 500 album, and the first in 16 years, following 1995’s Deep Space and ’99’s Mind And Body, both of which came out on R&S Records.

Though it remained dormant for much of the ’00s, Atkins resurrected Model 500 in 2010 with the OFI / Huesca EP for R&S—that was followed a couple of years later by another EP, Control. Digital Solutions will come out via Atkins‘s own label, Metroplex, which has remained sporadically active since 1985—not long ago they put out a record from the recently retired producer Terrence Dixon under his Population One alias.

A couple of live Model 500 dates are lined up for 2015, with a show at Winter Astropolis 20.5 in Brest in January followed by a performance at Unsound Adelaide on March 14th.


01. Hi NRG
02. Electric Night
03. Standing in Tomorrow
04. Encounter
05. Storm
06. The Groove
07. Station
08. Digital Solutions
09. Control

Metroplex released Digital Solutions in January 2015.


Available dates on request:



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